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Bug Out Basics

Bugging out is a tactic to displace from a dangerous situation to gain the tactical advantage. This one day course is designed to teach you the principles of surviving for extended periods of time-off your rig to displace and “Bug Out”


This course includes the following:

  • How To Bug Out
  • Survival
  • First Aid
  • Long Term Survival 
  • Land Navigation
  • Communications
  • Security Considerations
  • Maintenance/Recovery
  • Caches 
  • Trail Run and one over night 

Cost of the course includes your passengers in your rig. One rig per slot.

Report 0900

Meeting Location:

FieldCraft HQ
6720 Corsair Ave Suite 5

Prescott AZ 86301

LIMIT: 5 rigs total.


DATE: 09 May 2020


Sorry, All courses are currently sold out