Overland outdoor Field Training

Field Training + Off Road Driving School

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The Overland Training Skills (OTS) introduction course will explain what overlanding is and how it differs from other types of recreational off-roading. Students will learn how to plan and prepare for an overland trip as well as how to safely operate a vehicle off-road. Hands on skills will consist of basic-med, spotting / marshaling, and driving vehicles through off-road trails with moderate obstacles. Students are encouraged to bring their own vehicle to use for this full day course.


Cost: $500

Recovery Fundamentals

The Overland Training Skills (OTS) Vehicle Recovery course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the capabilities / limitations of various types of vehicle recovery equipment and techniques. At the completion of this off road experience, students will have been equipped with academic instruction as well as hands on skills practice in order to safely recover a vehicle in a real-world scenario.

DATE: TBD  |  Cost: $500

Basic Land Navigation

The Overland Training Skills (OTS) Land Navigation course is designed to provide students the knowledge to navigate on foot, understand how to use a compass, knowing your distance covered by counting steps in yards and converting to miles, and body biomechanics to reduce lateral drift.

DATE: TBD  |  Cost: $500